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Our Firm

Our Firm 

Canterbury Investment Management is an investment advisory firm, specializing in providing advisers, institutional investors, and retirement professionals with systematic, evidence- and rules-based ETF management solutions. We recognize that although great leaps in technology have been made, the applications to take advantage of them continue to lag behind. Despite a rapidly changing and dynamic investment landscape, the most prevalent investment ideas remain the same. The question is – are they still applicable in the new paradigm? 

At Canterbury, our focus is to critically examine widely accepted beliefs, theories, and practices and evaluate their long-term efficiency. It is important to us that we continually look for and develop the most optimal and efficient solutions. In doing so, we have redefined and revolutionized the way investment risk is managed today because portfolio strategies should be as inventive as the tools we use. 


Firm History

Canterbury Investment Management founded by Tom Hardin and Kim Custer

Tom Hardin’s 1st Book, Never Too Old to Rock and Roll, published

Tom Hardin’s 2nd Book, Investor Revolution!, published

Canterbury targets Financial Professionals and Institutional Investors
August – Portfolio Thermostat model completed
Assets surpassed $100 million

Canterbury celebrates 10 years of service

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Design, Consulting, and Administration Services offered 

Portfolio Thermostat Fund (CAPTX) launched