Canterbury offers a mutual fund that follows the same proprietary Portfolio Thermostat investment process we’ve developed, tested, and refined since 2003 for our separately managed accounts for individuals and RIAs.

The strengths of our approach are rooted in an:

Evidence Based Strategy

The Portfolio Thermostat is a comprehensive, evidence- and rules-based system. We believe validity can only exist alongside testable results, for only strategies with complete software systems that determine specific actions and make measurable claims have meaningful value.

Dynamic and Responsive Process

The Thermostat strategy is built upon the basic premise that the markets are ever-changing. Market environments shift from bull to bear and back again and volatility shifts with them. We believe in order to effectively manage risk, an investment strategy needs to adjust in an effort to manage the variable level of risk exposure in concert with the markets.

Reality-Driven rather than noise-driven Approach

Our process utilizes technical analysis to react to what is happening in the markets, as opposed to predictions of what will happen. We believe long-term growth depends upon making meaningful short-term decisions. The Thermostat’s design is focused on distinguishing between what is meaningful and what is not, in an effort to most advantageously position the Fund for long-term growth.

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